Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Last week I was reminded of a very important lesson. Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. Don’t put things off thinking you can do them later. I was planning on writing a blog post Wednesday night when I got home from work and posting it Thursday. That didn’t happen. Instead I spent Wednesday night in the ER.


Someday we’ll figure all this out.

This morning as I waited for my Keurig to warm up like usual I found myself lost in thought. Unlike most mornings I wasn’t thinking about what I needed to do today. I found myself thinking about my coffee cup. It was my Charlotte, NC Starbucks mug. The one with a giant crack down the front from years of use. My morning reminder that “someday we’ll figure this all out.”

Be careful who you hang around.

Merriam-Webster has six different definitions for the noun friend. Not one, not two, not even four. Six different ways to define the people we refer to as friends. That’s the thing about friendships, they’re multidimensional. They’re complex and at times messy. They have such a huge impact on who we are, but do we put enough thought into choosing our friends?

For the first time in a long time I’m doing fine.

What is PostGradMad? To be honest it started out as just my Instagram handle. Like a lot of Instagram users, I was trying to find a clever username that combined my name, Madison, with something relevant about me such as the fact that I graduated college. What’s more important is what my Instagram PostGradMad morphed into... my gateway to comparison and self-pity.