About PostGradMad

PostGradMad is managed by Madison Bailey, a 2014 graduate of Georgia College & State University with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications. Upon graduation she began her postgrad career working in the insurance industry and currently works on the talent acquisition side of human resources. In her spare time she binges Game of Thrones, hikes with her rescue dog Mr. Darcy, and compares her life to her peers’ through social media.

That’s where this blog comes in. Social media is all about posting the best version of ourselves and hiding all of our imperfections. It’s about creating this false allusion that our lives are perfect and we don’t make mistakes. Because we so rarely document our misfortunes on social media, we’re not afforded the opportunity to learn from each other’s mistakes like in college. Instead, more often than not, we look at each other’s social media and feel like our lives are inadequate.

Madison created PostGradMad to burst that bubble. It’s about the mistakes we make at work as recent graduates like over-committing ourselves to too many projects. It’s about those days when you wish you were “normal” and feel broken. It’s about those moments when you act like a jerk and forget you’re not the only one struggling. Is it all bad? No. There are some really good times too like when your hard work gets you a promotion or you discover a new hobby you enjoy. It’s everything. The good, the bad and the ugly.

PostGradMad is Madison’s uncensored documentation of adulthood in hopes that you can learn with her and not feel alone in your postgraduate journey.