Only in America

I started this blog because after years of comparing myself to others I was finally beginning to see I was enough. As an American I was born with the right to pursue my own happiness and it was time for me to stop taking that for granted. It was time for me to stop comparing myself to others and trying to abide by the way others defined happiness.


Someday we’ll figure all this out.

This morning as I waited for my Keurig to warm up like usual I found myself lost in thought. Unlike most mornings I wasn’t thinking about what I needed to do today. I found myself thinking about my coffee cup. It was my Charlotte, NC Starbucks mug. The one with a giant crack down the front from years of use. My morning reminder that “someday we’ll figure this all out.”

Time is wasting.

I spent four times the amount of time researching cell phones than I did researching where I was going to live. What does it says about Millennials that we spend more time and effort deciding what new toy to buy than the place we call home? What could we accomplish in the time we waste overthinking frivolous decisions if we trusted our instincts instead?