The Joke’s on Them

I have a close friend who, like me, has anxiety. When I started my blog she asked me a question I knew someone would eventually ask me. “Aren’t you scared coming out about your anxiety will affect your career?” Quite frankly, I have no desire to work for now or in the future any company that blindly accepts stereotypes, mental illness related or otherwise.


Sometimes I feel like giving up but I just can’t.

I remember the first time I started to feel like I was moving in the direction of successfully adulting. Surprisingly, it wasn’t when I got my first full-time job offer. Instead it was when my health insurance benefits went into effect with my new postgraduate employer. I felt like I was ahead of the game compared to my peers when I actively made my health a priority. I couldn’t have guessed how life altering being proactive about my health would be or how badly I really couldn’t afford to give up that mission.

For the first time in a long time I’m doing fine.

What is PostGradMad? To be honest it started out as just my Instagram handle. Like a lot of Instagram users, I was trying to find a clever username that combined my name, Madison, with something relevant about me such as the fact that I graduated college. What’s more important is what my Instagram PostGradMad morphed into... my gateway to comparison and self-pity.